• Rev. Noah Carter

Pray for the Unborn

This Sunday, I wanted to take a moment to address a couple of important events in our country that touch upon our duty as Catholics. First of all, we have just witnessed the inauguration of our 46th President of the United States. We wish him well and we pray for him as we pray for all of our civic representatives and leaders. As a member of Christ’s body and professed member of the Catholic faith, we are also obliged to pray for his conversion. When any member of Christ’s Church goes astray and does not express and live publicly what he/she claims to believe, it is a scandal and hypocrisy. It has been abundantly clear that President Biden has the intention of supporting abortion “rights” in the United States, loosening restrictions, and even helping to finance abortions with federal tax dollars in the US and elsewhere in the world. Moreover, he has continued to support administrative moves to limit and even prohibit faith-based adoption agencies. Since faith-based adoption agencies are majorly non-profit and erected to help women choose life, many pregnant women have no fiscally reasonable alternatives. So, let us pray that our president execute the duties of his office in ways that benefit the pursuit of life, freedom, and protection of private property; but let us also pray that interiorly he find his way back to the God who is his origin and end, that God who enlightens the minds of those who desire to pursue justice for all, including the unborn.

This brings me to the second important event, the National March for Life in Washington, D.C. this Friday. It is important that we continue to find ways to express our love for the unborn and the support of women who are expecting. While we still have the freedom to assemble, demonstrate, and organize, we must support by peaceful participation or prayer these gatherings which call our nation back to its values. While we can have strong opinions on a number of issues that need remedied within our legal system, the March for Life and other pro-life events around the country during this month of January are a reminder that there is no other act that deserves outrage and disgust more than an innocent baby slaughtered in the womb. The womb should be the safest place the child could ever be, before he/she has to face the difficulties of life.

We pray not only, then, for our President but also for our nation. How can we seek true justice if we do not confront the injustice of abortion? We continue to fight for justice on so many fronts but let us never forget the preeminence of innocent human life and each person’s obligation to struggle towards the end of abortion and the legal recognition of human life beginning at conception. Saint Theresa of Calcutta, warrior for the unborn, pray for us, our presidential administration, and our country!

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