• Rev. Noah Carter

Pastoral Plan and Pastoral Council

***Dos recordatorios: después de la Misa en español, los Misales Dominicales bilingües, «Palabra y Eucaristía», estarán disponibles para la venta. Estos Misales «para siempre» cuestan $30/libro. Este no es un evento para recaudar fondos para la parroquia. Este libro es un nuevo recurso que quería poner a disposición de todas nuestras familias para ayudarnos a participar activamente en la Santa Misa. — La encuesta parroquial señaló que algunos de nuestros feligreses no pueden entender mi español y, por lo tanto, no se benefician durante la homilía. Ojalá mi conocimiento de español fuera mejor y estoy trabajando diligentemente para mejorar. Gracias por su perseverancia en la conversación conmigo. Tengan en cuenta que las homilías dominicales están disponibles en nuestro sitio web: «https://www.holycrossnc.com/blog/categories/homilias-en-espanol».***

The Pastoral Council

Every parish has a pastor assigned to be the dispenser of sacramental grace, teacher of the mysteries of the faith, and administrator of the material goods of the parish. The parish has the responsibility of establishing its own mission and identifying ways in which all will come together to worship God and live out the faith. The pastor has the responsibility of establishing the vision. In close collaboration with parish leaders, the diocesan planning office, and local community leaders, the pastor looks ahead and plans for the future growth and needs of the parish. Every pastor is assisted by a Pastoral Council, sometimes called a Parish Council. The Pastoral Council is most universally the pastor’s eyes and ears. They communicate to the pastor the weaknesses, opportunities, strengths, and threats that are observed in any community, institution, or agency. More special than advising the pastor, however, the Pastoral Council helps craft the Pastoral Plan.

The Pastoral Plan

The Pastoral Plan is a guiding document in any parish. A parish without a plan is a parish that will maintain the status quo, rather than reflecting the life of the whole Church, which always is renewing herself in Christ. A Pastoral Plan briefly lays out the history and current demographics of the parish / wider community. It then addresses different needs across the board for the future. These plans are not about one or two projects, but about the life of the entire parish. They address growth plans for volunteers, liturgical ministries, choirs, staff, offertory, communications platforms, faith formation classes, outreach ministries, and facilities needs. They typically are 5-to-7-year plans. Each Commission takes part in helping to draft the document and once approved by the pastor and diocese, becomes the guide for each commission and the parish staff to follow in carrying out their work on behalf of the parishioners and pastor.

Currently, the Pastoral Council at Holy Cross is working along with our Commissions to identify the areas of growth and future needs at the parish. This is an ongoing process, and we are appreciative of the invaluable feedback we received through the parish survey in the Spring.

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