• Rev. Noah Carter

Liturgy and Worship Commission

This commission serves the parish and pastor insofar as it sets long and shortrange goals concerning the development of the liturgical celebrations which are the primary expression of our faith and life with Christ. Not only do they review and plan for special celebrations, they help maintain relevant training resources and provide insight into how the Mass and other liturgies can be celebrated as sacred and meaningful events for the parish.

What are they considering in terms of the Pastoral Plan?

The members of the Liturgy and Worship Commission will continue to help with the shortrange goals of upcoming feasts and solemnities. At the same time, they are diving into the survey responses that are connected to the liturgy. Overall, our liturgical ministries are appreciated, and our ministers carry out their functions with decorum and reverence. Our altar servers were rated 4.5/5, although many have commented that some are distracting, and we need to find better ways to grow this ministry for our youth. This is an example of a shortrange and long-range goal, respectively. There were many comments about our ushers that show many different opinions and expectations among our parish family regarding what they expect from their assistance at Mass. This will allow us to address how best to employ ushers at Mass and different changes that may need to take place.

The lectors were highly praised in the survey results, with some constructive critiques that involve diction, speed, appearance/dress. What was especially helpful were the comments about lectors which had to do with the sound system instead of the lectors themselves. These comments will be very useful when we due the annual tune-up of the sound system. In terms of Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion, I noticed in many of the comments that we might want to make sure that everyone is doing the same thing. Some of those comments confirm that we may need to go back to regular trainings to be sure that each extraordinary minister is carrying out their duties with the upmost respect toward the Blessed Sacrament.

The Tabernacle Key

There were a number of disconcerting comments that were left throughout the survey mainly in the sections about Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion, elderly parishioners, and homebound parishioners. First of all, leaving the tabernacle key available to lay persons to retrieve the Blessed Sacrament on their own to take to their friends and loved ones is a grave abuse and I will not permit it here at Holy Cross. This is a violation of the Church’s law concerning the custody of the Blessed Sacrament, as well as a violation of the particular law of this diocese that states that Communion to the Sick is to be sent from the Rite of Holy Communion at the end of Mass. Secondly, no person in this parish is denied the sacraments by following the guidance of the Church in this matter. Every homebound parishioner is offered a monthly visit by me for confession and Holy Communion. Moreover, I go within 48 hours when a homebound request is made to the parish office. If you know someone in the parish who has not been offered a visit, please call Parish Care to ensure that the office was alerted to their status as homebound.

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