• Rev. Noah Carter

Happy Easter!

A joyous and glorious Easter to you! The Lord is truly risen as he said. I wish each of you a blessed and happy Easter. We have journeyed with Christ through the passion, cross, and death in order to share in the glory of the resurrection, now through festivity but one day in reality. The Paschal Lamb has been sacrificed and now reigns glorified!

I am very happy to announce a couple of developments. Beginning in May, Holy Cross will be partnering with a new communications company to publish our bulletin. Along with this new bulletin agreement will come assistance in redesigning our parish website and making a parish mobile app available for our parishioners. At the same time, we are currently forming a new Evangelization and Communications Commission to advise and assist with the effectiveness of our communications strategies. This all fits in, of course, with the Pastoral Council’s continuing efforts to craft a Pastoral Plan to guide our parish into the future as we continue to grow and carry out our parish mission. A step in this planning process is the parish survey, so please don’t forget to go to the parish website and complete the questionnaire.

I am very grateful to Marie Kinney for her many years of service to Holy Cross, the last 22 years serving in faith formation. After so many years of faithful service, I would venture to guess that she has touched the lives of nearly every household in our parish through her dedication to sacramental preparation, adult faith formation, and the myriads of catechetical programs over the years. We all wish Marie a happy retirement and God’s choicest blessings in this next chapter of life.

When Marie made known to me that she intended to retire at the end of March 2021, I cried and begged her to stay. I’m only half joking. In reality, she was gracious to tell me months in advance so that we would have ample time to advertise the opening and attract some excellent candidates. To assist me with the search was another member of the staff, a parent from the parish, and a member of the Education Commission. I am pleased to announce that Samuel Otwell will join the parish family officially on June 1, joined by his wife, Ali, and three daughters. Samuel and his wife are both natives of North Carolina and happy to be moving back home from Columbus, GA, where Samuel has been teaching at a Catholic high school. I am turning over next week’s bulletin spot over to Samuel to introduce himself. There will also be opportunities that we will publish where parishioners will have an opportunity to virtually “meet” Samuel and get to know him before his official start in June.

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