• Rev. Noah Carter

Education and Formation

“We cannot love someone we do not know.” In order to love God, we must know who he is. The Education and Formation Commission helps in the development of the programs and events which help parishioners develop their Christian life in knowing God and his Church, and how to love God and his Church. This Commission evaluates the curricula that is needed to pass on the deposit of the faith to every parishioner, young and old. It also helps analyze how to establish and finance new programs.

What are they considering in terms of the Pastoral Plan?

There is so much data to go through for this group! The shortrange goals will be trying to engage the groups that are most underserved. This includes programming for our young adults and newlywed couples, which were perceived in the survey results to be the most underserved groups at Holy Cross. This is great information to have. In terms of children in faith formation and confirmation, we had lower scores than expected (3.5-3.7 out of 5). However, once we began looking through the comments of our lower scores, we were able to better understand some of the complaints and prioritize the constructive comments.

In terms of adult faith formation, the survey will have much information for this commission. Over 56% of adults in the parish who took the survey said that they have attended an adult faith formation session or a Bible study. However, the most common reason that adults said they had not considered attending was because they are held at times that are inconvenient.

Lastly, across the English and Spanish responses, the greatest factor in encouraging youth and adult involvement in faith formation programs and events is an atmosphere conducive to learning. As each of us knows, the “classrooms” have never been adequate space for true learning. In the words of the famous philosopher Ray Kinsella, “If you build it, they will come.” The parish continues to see the need for a Parish Life Center with adequate meeting space for classes and formation events. This is a common theme that will help us craft the Pastoral Plan.

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