Holy Cross Catholic Church is a parish of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Charlotte. Located in Kernersville, NC, Holy Cross serves not only the residents of the Town of Kernersville, but families throughout the Triad that call our church home. A welcoming environment, handsome sanctuary, and diverse congregation make Holy Cross a place that expresses the unity and diversity of the Catholic Church.

first communion

Mission Statement

"To know, love, and serve God in this life and be happy with him in the next life."

Redeemed and united by Christ’s love,

we welcome all to celebrate, grow, and serve with us,

we deepen our faith to be a reflection of Christ

through discipleship and service to others,

and we strive to worship God with joy and devotion.

Strengthened by his Body and Blood we become the Body of Christ

to take up the Cross and make Jesus known, loved, and served.

Pastor's Vision Statement

As a parish community,

we are called to lift high the Cross

in order to invite every individual

to participate in the Body of Christ

united under one roof.


The vision of Holy Cross Catholic Church is to seek the reconciliation of all individuals through the power of the Cross. This brings about a unity in charity between all believers. As a diverse parish of many languages and peoples, we seek to gather all under one faith and one roof, where we worship God and serve Him and our neighbor with hearts full of loving generosity. Each one of us in our diverse backgrounds and circumstances are united by carrying the same mark of the Cross on our hearts.

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